About Us

Elite Concrete Epoxy Systems is a family-owned and operated, OSHA-approved business with over 20 years of construction experience. We are with our clients every step of the way, from planning to installation and maintenance. Our company is fully insured and every one of our clients has been exceptionally satisfied with our quality of work.

At Elite Concrete Epoxy Systems, we are capable of a wide variety of projects… from residential garage floors, countertops and pool decks to larger commercial projects at retail properties and professional businesses. Whatever your need, Elite Concrete Epoxy Systems will be there to provide the flooring systems and solutions based on the specifications you have.

Safety. Strength & Durability

These are just three reasons why our customers choose Elite Concrete Epoxy Systems…

Family-Owned & Operated

OSHA-Approved With Over 20 Years of Experience. We’re With You Every Step of the Process!

We are Available 24/7!

Let Elite Concrete Epoxy Systems upgrade your boring concrete! We’ll add colors, logos or 3D designs to your flooring and create a work of art!

Call Us Anytime: 561-501-3754